Status of the Revision of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

The Joint Committee on the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing anticipates releasing draft chapters of the next edition of the Standards for review and comment following its November 1995 meeting. APA, the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) formed the Committee to update the Standards, which has not been revised since 1985. The Standards provides guidelines for test publishers and users on the development, use, and evaluation of tests and assessments.

Sections of the Standards slated for release include chapters on validity; reliability; test development; norming, scaling, and equating; and test manuals. The Committee also expects to release the table of contents for the Standards, so that reviewers can evaluate plans for the entire document. The remaining chapters and sections are in different stages of development and will be released for comment at a later date.

All official advisors to the Joint Committee will automatically receive the draft when it becomes available. If you are not sure of your advisor status or would otherwise like to receive a copy, contact Sandra Robinson in the Science Directorate at (202) 336-6000 or

APA members have an additional link to the Standards revision through APA's Council of Representatives, which will ultimately approve the document. The Council established a 7-member ad hoc committee in August 1993 to facilitate communication between the Joint Committee and APA Council. Ad hoc committee members are Melba J. Vasquez, PhD, Chair (Division 17); Donald N. Bersoff, PhD, JD (Board of Directors); Andrew F. Czopek, PhD (Colorado Psychological Association); James L. Farr, PhD (Division 14); Bertram P. Karon, PhD (Division 39); Nadine M. Lambert, PhD (Division 16); and Lawrence J. Stricker, PhD (Division 5). APA members are encouraged to contact the ad hoc committee with any concerns regarding the Standards revision.

Contact Dianne Brown or Dianne Schneider at (202) 336-6000 or for more information on the Standards revision or the ad hoc committee.

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