Task Force to Promote Scientific Membership in APA Meets

The Task Force to Promote Scientific Membership in APA met July 13-14 to examine interventions that could strengthen the scientific base of the Association. The Council of Representatives established the Task Force at its February 1996 meeting, at the same time that it passed a 25% dues reduction for APA members who belong to certain other scientific organizations.

Task Force members made several recommendations for retaining and recruiting scientific members. Some of the recommendations included strategies to increase participation through academic departments, improve science attendance at the APA Annual Convention, use the journals to strengthen membership; and improve the way that information about APA science-related activities is publicized. The Task Force report was presented at the August meeting of Council and was referred to boards and committees for implementation.

The members of the Task Force are Drs. Neal F. Johnson (Chair), Robert Arkin, Mark Davison, Richard Klimoski, Arthur L. Kovacs, Lynn Liben, and Dorothy Cantor, Board of Directors liaison.

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