Toronto + Science = Successful Convention

Big changes are ahead for science at the APA Annual Convention!

As discussed in Bill Howell's column in the September/October issue of Psychological Science Agenda, there is much cause for excitement about the 1996 APA Annual Convention in the science quarters of the association. Eight divisions of APA will participate in a compressed programming experiment, as approved by the Board of Convention Affairs.

Involved divisions include Experimental (3), Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative (6), Developmental (7), Personality and Social (8), Industrial/Organizational (14), Applied Experimental and Engineering (21), Experimental Analysis of Behavior (25), and Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse (28).

Programming for these divisions will occur from Sunday morning, August 11, to Tuesday afternoon, August 13. Other divisions' programs will be scheduled throughout the Convention as usual.

A major advantage of this scheduling format is that it will allow participants to arrive on Saturday afternoon or evening (thus obtaining the lower air fares) and still be able to take in a very full 3 days of science programming.

Members are urged to submit proposals to the divisions of their choice by December 1, 1995. Refer to the September APA Monitor for necessary forms, or call the APA Convention Office at (202) 336-6020 for assistance.

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