Creationist retards, after centuries of insane lunacy the cult savages have not produced a single new argument to back up their lunatic delusions.

* WHY-LIE.CRE From _The Skeptical Review_ Front Page: spring 1992. THERE'S A LIVING IN IT
* WIC.002 This is a continuation of my evaluation of Velikovsky's book _Worlds_In_Collision_ as he proceeds through other books and talks.
* WIC.004 Worlds in Collision begins with an application of logic to the historical record, beginning with the book of Joshua in the OT:
* WIZARD.TO The Wizard of t.o
* WOODSHOL.WRE The library of the Marine Biological Laboratory at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution represents almost an embarrassment of riches for the student interested in the historical side
* WORLD.OLD The Biblical Perspective on the Age of the World
* WORLDS.COL evidence for Velikovsky's theory is lacking
* WORSHIP.DOG To the dog, in other words, man is a god.
* XIAN05.EVO Please give a brief definition of evolution which would be acceptable in an undergraduate biology course
* YOU-DIE!.SET ETHNOTHANATOTIC SETS The Hedonistic Calculus of Executions
* YOUNG.MON Kent Hovind 'Arguments'
* WHOPPERS.ICR Various lies told by the ICR exposed.
* WHITBANG.EVO Captain Chris' Whiz Bang
* WHAT-IS.DAR From time to time on talk.origins, new posters attempt to refute one or another absurd cariacature of evolutionary thought that they call 'Darwinism'.
* WHAT-IS.EVO Evolution FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY
* WHAT-IS3.EVO WHAT IS EVOLUTION? version 2, January 22, 1993
* WHAT-IS4.CRE Creationism is merely that 'old time religion (lower case 'r')', trying to get dressed up, so it can go to school as science.
* WHAT-IS5.CRE I need to make clear that I distinguish between creationists and Creationists.
* WHATMAKE.CRE Keith Doyle: What makes a creationist?
* WHO-IS.PJ In case there was any doubt about this, I quote from Tom Bethell, 'Darwin in the Dock,' _The American Spectator_, June 1992, p. 14:
* WHY-ICR.ZIP I recently attended an ICR Creation Seminar (mostly out of curiosity), and the reasons for the 'battle' were abundantly clear. I'll do my best to regurgitate them from memory.


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