The cure for cults that want to deny others
their freedom of speech is more freedom of speech
-- Fredric Rice


Creationist Cults

We Get Letters:

Regarding The ICR Cult.

Strange folks often send bizarre rants to the host of web pages that fill them with angst. This is especially true when a web page debunks falsehoods about occult beliefs such as Creationism. The following are letters received by regarding the web pages about the ICR cult.

Note #1 that is using the anti-spamming "Web Poison" tool--- this is to protect those who have contributed to this page.

Note #2 that Rev "John Todd's" real name is Philip B------: he asked me to post his letter anonymously since he is earning his living from the Church. I have sent to him the messages critical to his in the hopes that he would answer his critics.

Bizarre ICR cults author Though I did not require permission, I wrote and asked the author of this e-mail message if I may post it here. He kindly granted permission.
Bizarre more prattle? The reply when I sent my query to the author of the bizarre, angst-filled wailling.
Erudite Re: "ICR cults" author I sent the message to some rational, intelligent folks on The Skeptic Tank's mailing list, and received the following reply.
Abusive Evolutionists are mother fucking bastards This messages was forwarded to me: it was originally in the newsgroup It well shows the anger, ignorance, fear, and resentment that Creationism is predicated upon.
Strange Folly for a fool One crazy thrasonical natural-born son, to say the least. If there is a school where people can go to learn confusion, anti-literacy, gullible, and wail non sequiter complaints, this guy must have been first in his class!
Reality Reply to 'Fucking bastards' message. Someone who read the message #3 above wrote to the author: this is a copy of that reply.
Ignorant Bashing Creationism... Someone wrote and said that correcting Creationist's and Creationism's falsehoods is "disrespectful" and "racist." Sort of like Galileo being "racist" when insisting Earth orbited the sun.
Reasonable Answer to "Bashing Creationism" above. Reply to's letter (above) by that ever-brilliant Robert "Bulldog" Curry. Robert asks some tough questions of Emmyst: which, as per Creationist behavior, were ignored.
Ignorant Evolution "impossible." The same ignorant method by Creationists: make a fundamentally radical statement about science that refutes a century of knowledge and progress, and then fail to support that assertion.
Comment The cult's latest apologetics. My letters to the cult generate a little bit of feedback to its parishoners.
Critical Defending Hovind "How you classified Rev. John Todd as an erudite is beyond my comprehension."
Rational creationist clap-trap This individual castigates Creationists for their lack of accepting the obvious.
Kind compliments on your site "Morris the Cat is a better scientist than Dr. Morris."

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"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

"Thank you for your permission however there's never any need to. Creationist propaganda is already self-debunking." -- Fredric L. Rice


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