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Kansas Board Votes To
Bar Evolution From Classroom

In an orgy of gross ignorance and stupidity, the Kansas State Board of Education has voted, six to four[1] to "reject evolution as a scientific principle" on Wednesday August 11, 1999. Thus the public school students in Kansas are denied the hard-won legacy of scientific knowledge and progress. No more is good science determined by the scientific community; no more is truth and validity the determinate of science; no more is the ciriculum of good education determined by the scientists working in the fields of study--- Kansas now teaches, and fails to teach, based upon political and occult agendas, regardless of the facts; regardless of what is known to be true; and more importantly, what is known to be false: the Creationists' absurd assertion that evolution did not occur and that evolutionary theory is "false."

The Kansas Board of Education has fucked over every student that attends public schools in Kansas. The ignorant savages who voted for the exclusion of teaching evolutionary theory in Kansas public schools MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE BOARD before they do more damage to the citizens of Kansas.

We read here that "The Kansas National Education Association's mission is to empower its members to promote quality public schools, strengthen the profession of teaching and improve the well-being of members." So just what are they doing to correct the problem of ignorant fools being a majority on the Kansas Board of Education?

The Vote 1999 Kansas State Board of Education.

Round 2 In a resurgence of the controversy surrounding the infamous 1925 Scopes "Monkey Trial," the Kansas school system has become a battleground for religious conservatives intent on turning back the clock on evolutionary science.

"Consultant" blames ills on Teaching evolution Creationist who helped write science curriculum before state BOE says teaching theory caused deaths of millions.

The Kansas Board of Education rejects evolution. The Kansas Board of Education rejected evolution as a scientific principle Wednesday, dealing a victory to religious conservatives who are increasingly challenging science education in U.S. schools.

Evolution blunder opens Kansas to ridicule Thanks to some crackpot thinking on the Kansas Board of Education, echoes of William Allen White's famous question from a century ago are now being heard again around the country.

Kansas Board of Education embraces ignorance The ignorant savages on the Kansas Board of Education (Scott Hill, Steven Abrams, Harold Voth, Linda Holloway, John Bacon and Mary Douglass Brown) have made fools of not only themselves but wish to make fools of the school students entrusted to their care.

Emain to and from Steve Abrams of the Kansas Board of Education. Greetings. I read in the Associated Press that some Creationists are opposing the teaching of the evolutionary sciences in Kansas public schools. I consider myself well informed on the subject, and I offer my time and skills to answer any question on the subject if the Kansas School Board wishes explanations or details upon the subject.

Just smile, then forget, board ruling on evolution. When it comes to the Kansas Board of Education's decision not to test students on the theory of evolution, I'm in denial. And I'm going to stay that way for a while, I think.

Little change expected here in teaching of evolution[sic]. "Students have joked a little bit about it, asking if we'll be studying evolution this year," said Shawnee Mission East biology teacher Rick Gould. "Of course the answer is `yes.' As long as living things continue to evolve, we'll continue to study it."

The Kansas Board of Education made a poor decision. Taking the initiative on a controversial subject is always a good idea; however, the board came to the wrong conclusion. The decision could limit Kansas students and teachers in the future.

Anyone watch the debate on Hannity and Colmes about Kansas? The good Rev. Falwell stated that the ICR was doing good "creation 'science'" that had nothing to do with promoting any religious beliefs.

Strengthening the Teaching Profession. Just how is the Kansas Board of Education going about "Strengthening the Teaching Profession" when they are stupid, ignorant savages who do not know enough to understand the importance of teaching both the fact that evolution occured and occurs, and teaching evolutionary theory which describes and defines that fact?

Smart mice, not-so-smart people There was good news for mice and bad news for humans over the past several weeks. A team of biologists announced they had used genetic engineering to create a smarter strain of mouse, a feat that opens the door to boosting human intelligence. But in Kansas, school officials voted to remove evolution from the state's required science curriculum, not a smart move.

Re: Strengthening the Teaching Profession: a reply. Would you like to help get "educated, informed, thinking people" elected? You are welcome to join our efforts or tell us how we may support your efforts.

PA board grapples with evolution Harrisburg: Move over Kansas. Pennsylvania could be the next state to deal with a 'controversy' over requiring public schools to teach evolution.

Don Martin's correspondence Would you believe it? I actually received a reply to my note sent to the reporter in Detroit. Here 'tis, with my note at the bottom. To follow is my reply to this response.

Don Martine and Bullard of the Detroit News. Thanks for the reply; I write such notes far more often than they ever get responded to. Would you believe that I have still heard nothing from the Kansas State School Board? Yes, I rather imagine you would.

Kansas school board forced to reword science standards. Two months after voting to downplay the theory of evolution in its public schools, the Kansas Board of Education on Tuesday was still trying to figure out what its new science curriculum should say.

Victory for evolution I wanted to spread this great news to everyone ASAP, especially in light of the dismal events in Kansas and Kentucky of late. It seems it really does pay to fight for science, for evolution, and for one's education.

Creationists Secretly Authored Kansas Science Standards, Kansas Citizens For Science Members Charge. Members of Kansas Citizens for Science (KCFS) have uncovered evidence that a Genesis-based creationist group led by Tom Willis, president of the Creation Science Association of Mid-America (CSAMA), was the primary author of alterations made to the science standards that were adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education in August.

More good news for good science. State Attorney General ruled.

Teachers of evolution fight back. New assault on Darwinism has Metro Detroit roots.

Do not consider applications from public high school students from Kansas. A letter to the regents of the University of California.

BBC2 News Night. Host: It may be the start of national science week here in the U.K. but in the United States Fundamentalist Christians have been having their say.

Teaching Creationism in Kansas. What would happen if we actually taught the biblical creation story in the science classroom?

Kansas, Land of Idiotso. I thought this state couldn't get much worse. Boy was I wrong.

[1] The ignorant savages who voted for the exclusion of science in Kansas public schools: Scott Hill, Steven Abrams, Harold Voth, Linda Holloway, John Bacon and Mary Douglass Brown.

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